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Here you can find out more about EMS in general, we have listed books, movies, magazines, schools and other useful resources for those who are interested in what we do, but either don't have much of an idea besides "Ambulance Drivers" or for people who wants to start, but don't know where to start.
bulletMagazines & Books - Some of these publications listed are very informative about what EMS is all about and can provide insight for current prehospital providers as well.
bulletJems - Journal of Emergency Medical Services
bullet EMS Magazine - Another magazine about the Emergency Medical Services
bullet Into The Breach by J A KARAM - A true story about the author who rode one year with Newark's University Hospital EMS.
bullet Paramedic by Peter Canning - A great book about EMS Paramedics
bullet Angels of Emergency by Donna Theisen - Stories for various EMTs and Paramedic across the nation.
bullet EMS: The Job of Your Life by Devin Kerins - This is a behind the scene look at what really goes on.
bullet Bringing out the Dead - A film by Martin Scorsese starring Nicolas Cage as an Paramedic, a dark humor movie about EMS, some true some not. You figure it out.
bulletWebsites - Some of these sites listed below are extremely informative about EMS in general, the sites may also help current prehospital providers as well.
bullet EMS Village - This site has almost everything you could want to know about EMS.
bullet NYC REMSCO - Official New York City's Regional Emergency Medical Services co Website.
bullet NYS Bureau of EMS - Official New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS Website.
bullet National Association of EMT - National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
bullet National Registry of EMT - National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
bullet National Association of EMS Physicians - National Association of EMS Physicians.
bulletEMS Course - The following are a list of EMS Courses offered in Queens, NY, some of these locations offer refreshers as well for current prehospital providers, so inquire. We also provide CFR, EMT and CPR training at Bayside as well. Please call more upcoming classes.
bulletLaGuardia Community College, EMT & Paramedics, Christine Alvarez (718) 428-5768
bulletQueensborough Community College, EMT, Linda Joseph (718) 631-6322
bulletRegional Training Center, EMT, Frank Magazzati (718) 464-4698
bulletSt. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center, Paramedic, Michael Tretola (718) 357-0500
bulletEssential EMS Stuff - I have listed essential EMS sites that will provide of invaluable use for current prehospital providers. Listed are also Original and Refresher courses for the 5 borough of New York City.
bullet NYC BLS & ALS General Operating Procedures - Operating Procedures for all levels of Prehospital providers in New York City.
bullet NYC BLS Protocols - The most updated New York City Basic Life Support Protocol, that includes Weapons of Mass Destruction protocols.
bullet NYC ALS Protocols - The most update New York City Advance Life Support Protocol.
bullet EMS Course - This is the most comprehensive list of course offerings in New York City, but the date are not correct, but still does the job for information.
bulletOther EMS Agencies online - I have tried to compile a list of agencies for this portion, so if i had left you our please email me, and I will add it.
bulletManhasset - Lakeville Fire Department
bullet Corona Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet Glenn Oaks Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet Forest Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet Little Neck - Douglaston Community Ambulance Corps
bulletLindenwood Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet Jamaica Estates Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet Middle Village Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet Whitestone Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps
bullet New York State Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Association

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