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Welcome To Bayside Volunteer Ambulance Corps     Forever Vigilant Always Prepared

94 M94 M

214-23 42nd Ave, Bayside, NY 11361

Emergency (718) 225-2828; Business (718) 631-3333

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Mitch Wallace, EMT 1967 ~ 2001

Welcome to BVAC online!

You have reached Bayside Volunteer Ambulance Corps official presence online. Here you will find valuable information about the corp., its members, and other interesting facts about us and EMS in general.

Who are we and What We Do?

Upcoming Events @ Bayside Volunteers

BVAC is licensed by the New York Department of Health to provide basic life support and are staffed by state certified prehospital providers to serve the community. BVAC is comprise of carpenters, deacons, students, police officers, firefighters, correction officers, doctors, lawyers, EMTs', Paramedics', and other various backgrounds. With one missions in mind ... To serve the Bayside and it's surrounding communities day in and day out.

-February 2003 - TBA 12 Week EMT Class @ Bayside Headquarters.

-March 22, 2003 - BCLS CPR Course scheduled for 9AM @ Bayside Headquarters. $65 Non Members, call to register.

For more info on these events and future events, please call (718) 631-3333.

To Join

To Donate

To be a member of Bayside EMS, first you must be in good standing with the community. Second, the member must be either a CFR, EMT or Paramedic to "ride" on tours. If the prospective member are not any of the above, he/she can still join Bayside, where they can be trained to be either a CPR & First Aid or an EMT. Bayside also have a youth squad for members at least 16 years old, where they will be trained in CPR and First Aid. Must of our current members were prior members of the youth squad. For more information feel free to give us a call or email us. BVAC prehospital providers and its administrative staff are not paid, and in order to maintain our operations. We rely on the community for donations and support. We not only accept monetary donations, but also equipment, and services as well. To inquire about donating please call our business number. We highly appreciate the support of the community.

BVAC is a Not for Profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

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